Demand Increases

Dateline 28\05\2020 Esprit

While we maintain our focus on the sectors closest to our hearts, demand is growing daily for personal air mobility, especially since Covid-19 caused the increased levels of social distancing needed to reduce infections.


We are receiving interest from across the globe, not only from pilots who have many years’ experience in rotary wing platforms but also from members of the general public who see their daily commute or business travel needs met with greater speed than conventional ground travel. 


As with all major steps forward, funding is the key to success of the ePAV for private individuals as well as our targeted sectors. If you would like to be a part of the journey and reap the rewards of early stage investment, please feel free to contact us.

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Growth of interest in our ePAV platform

Dateline 02\05\2020  News

Even after such a short period of exposure, Esprit is gaining followers at an increased pace. Enquires from news organisations, events, magazines, online media outlets and private individuals grow on a daily basis. In the last 4 weeks visits to our website has nearly quadrupled.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank the hundreds of people who have emailed and left comments online about our project. It is quite flattering to hear such encouragement. We assure you that we will push forward as fast as we can and look forward to releasing the full scale technical demonstrator this year.


Dateline 29\04\2020 Esprit

After working on the requirements for a fast, small H-EMS solution, we are now looking for sponsors who wish to capitalise on the project ‘s potential for global media attention over the next twelve months.

Our goal is to build a 100% scale technical demonstrator for public display within 3 months of achieving sponsorship goals. We have already succesfuly flown a 60% scale platform in 2018. The display will include the sponsors being present when the platform is revealed to the media and also opportunities to attend the selected events that have approached us, such as Heli-Tech 2021 and Fully-Charged Live.

This unique, yet capable design, has already seen interest growing just from the early stage concept art alone and we now wish to let YOU sit in the operators seat and see the platform working with your own eyes. Just imagine the global media exposure this will bring to your business, being known as “one of the first” or “the first”.

Contact us for more information about the selection of opportunities available.



Demand increases

Dateline 28\05\2020 News 

Growth of interest in our ePAV platform

Dateline 02\05\2020 News 


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