Drone Testing

Dateline 22\02\2020 Esprit

We have been lifting 50kg payloads for over a decade, building systems that dont just aim to lift a set weight, but practical solutions that also carry volume as not all payloads are small. 

We developed a simple frame that could lift a low cost, off-the-shelf storage container which had an internal volume of 160 litres . The container could be replaced quickly along with the battery packs for a fast turn-around. 

Based on a helicopter frame demonstrated in the late 1960's, we developed a utility drone (pictured above) that had 'hot-swap' payloads that could be exchanged in seconds.

Using the experience gained from earlier drones that we tested, we also made this version capable of lifting 160 litre volume boxes as well as spray units, cameras and Lidar units.

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Increasing smaller vessels capabilities

Dateline 07\01\2020  News

Many vessels that are used for coastal patrol or leisure activities are too small to accommodate a conventional helicopter platform. ePAV's offer the option for smaller vessels to utilise access to the air for not only survey, but ship-to-shore or search & rescue operations. 


One of the biggest status symbols for the wealthy is the 'Super Yacht' with its own helicopter support infrastructure.  The smaller footprint of the ePAV means it can be operated from ships/boats without needing overly expensive refits and there are many vessels out there now that have the capacity to support a smaller ePAV. 

Off-shore Support

Dateline 29\12\2019 Off-shore

When it comes to off-shore energy supply, the oil rig still remains a major expense and logistical challenge. Many offshore oilfields have multiple rigs located within a few miles of each other, but they rely on conventional helicopters or larger support vessels to transport staff between local rigs. 


 ePAV's could offer offshore platforms greater flexibility as they could be stored on-board the rig and deployed rapidly should a key staff member be needed on another rig locally. They could also be used to carry cargo up to 150kg between rigs if used in an autonomous mode. 


While ePAV's cannot replace the need to larger format helicopters/ships for major logistical resupply, they can save time and money for operators when it comes to certain operational needs such as transfer of a key crew member, medical emergency or SAR task. 

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