Basic Specifications

Below are the starting parametres we used for the design. As we develope the airframes further we will finalise the dimensions and release them to the public. 

Please note: The information below is subject to change without prior notice.  




Safe Recovery System


Useful Payload


or Pure Electric



Our team's experience goes back to the days of Personal Air Vehicle (PAV) developments during the mid to late 1990's. Previous designs have been seen on television and leading industry magazines due to their unique & advanced capabilities.

Combining military experience with front line H-EMS work our team have built, and succesfully tested, platforms that include heavy lift cargo drones capable of transporting 150kg's payloads,  platforms for high altitude data communications and even a 60% scale prototype of the original concept ePAV back in 2018.  Even at 60% scale it had a length of just over 200 centimetres! That platform taught us a great deal. 

We are now moving forward with the development of a full scale technical demonstrator of the new ePAV design for media release in the next 6 months. 

60% Scale teseted in 2018
60% Scale teseted in 2018

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