Payloads arent just about weight! Our basic platform can carry a storage box with an internal volume of

160 litres


50kg - 300kg Payload Versions

Developing Working, Advanced Cargo Drone Designs Since 2008. 

Due to the years of military experience achieved by our owner and the history he has in hybrid electric design and development, the move towards cargo drone UAV's was a natural choice. 

Initial testing started with 10kg payloads back in 2008 and we have provided fully functional designs for several operators for private testing. As we expanded our range we have designed and tested platforms with payloads up to 150kg but we are now developing the design of a 300kg payload version.

Flight Controllers:

DJI, Pixhawk, Piccalo, Micropilot


More than 20 years in electric and hybrid aviation


Bespoke Solutions

Our First Open Frame POC in 2008

Initial testing of the concept started with a 1.2 metre long frame to test stability and start to map out a basic flight envelope.

A 50kg Payload Version 

Optional upgrades allowed for the attachment of Off-The-Shelf plastic storage containers to be used for rapid cargo swapping. 

Solutions up to 150kg Payload

Multiple types of payload have been tested including chemical spraying units, advanced LiDAR solutions and also thermal sensors.

Cargo Drone


Here are a few standard features found across our range of cargo drone platforms:

  • Compatable with multiple flight controllers.

  • Hot-Swappable Battery Packs.

  • Rapid Payload Replacement.

  • Emergency Recoverey Chute.

  • Navigation Lights.

  • ADS-B.

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