Esprit Aeronautics

Hybrid and Pure Electric

Air Vehicles



Avoid archaic ground infastructure, natural barriers and disasters. Reach for the sky and reduce toxic emissions.

Rapid Point-To-Point Transportation

Reduce traffic congestion and arrive at your final destination on time. No more traffic jams, road works or being packed into over crowded trains.

Lower Operating Costs

Greatly reduced energy costs as well as lower maintenace costs due to simplified design and modular philosiphy. 

Reduced Noise Emissions

The latest propeller designs combined with low noise motors reduces enviromental noise emissions allowing the platforms to be used in areas currently off limites to conventional aircraft. 

Cost Effective Solution

Due to their simplified design and construction methology all the platforms are increadably well priced and allow greater access to the global market for UAM and RAM needs. 




All our platforms have been designed using one principle…. SIMPLICITY

We have not tried to overcomplicate the manufacturing process needed or design a system that requires hundreds of millions of pounds worth of tooling. We avoid exotic materials that require days rather than hours to produce parts with.

Using multiple pre-certified Components Off The Shelf (COTS) and sub-assemblies the vehicle can be massed produced while greatly reducing the need for large amounts of Capital Expenditure (CAPEX).

Our target sectors will be the Rural Air Mobility market and First-Responder Organisations.



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Sucessful testing of the 50kg payload version at 500m ASL in 15 knot wind. Also tested with a 15 Ltr Spray Unit for crop spraying, vegitation control or chemical dispersal. 

50kg Version

February 10, 2014

As with all aviators, Esprit has a dream of persnal air vehicles allowing personal freedom and faster point to point travel, avoiding the archaic ground infastructure. 


May 10, 2018


We have been privatly funded for many years by our owner, but we are looking for visionary investors who share this dream and passion of flight with the aim of producing a full scale technical demonstrator or our ePAV and XeSTOL designs for display at International Air Show’s in 2021.

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